Miami Hurricanes, John Ruiz subject of NCAA NIL inquiry

The NCAA’s plan to explore name, image and likeness deals is no longer an idle threat. The governing body of college athletics has launched an inquiry into the University of Miami serious enough that enforcement staff members visited the Coral Gables campus last week to conduct interviews, most notably with billionaire UM booster John Ruiz. … Read more

Celtics are handing the Warriors the NBA championship

Just under five minutes remained in Monday’s Game 5 when a slight confrontation took place: Jayson Tatum, preparing to take a practice shot as the Celtics walked to the huddle for a timeout, was being impeded by Draymond Green and trailed by fellow Warrior Gary Payton II. It was the sort of hounding, get-under-your-skin tactic … Read more

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll women’s champion basks in glory of win

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll is quintessentially British, delightfully silly and only somewhat dangerous. It is exactly what it sounds like — which is to say, a race where a wheel of cheese is rolled down a steep hill and hundreds of people follow. Dating back centuries in Gloucestershire, it bills itself as an extreme … Read more

Calculating the odds of Nick Castellanos’ meme home runs

Never mind the honeyed delivery, the wit or the accumulated baseball wisdom. For all his various and sundry broadcasting gifts, Vin Scully was blessed, above all, with exquisite timing. “He may have called baseball games all those years, but he would have been a wonderful conductor or musician,” says Al Michaels, a Scully protégé dating … Read more