Petro and Colombia’s Rule of Law

Former M-19 rebel Gustavo Petro won Colombia’s runoff presidential election Sunday with 50.5% of the vote. His opponent, businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, received 47.3%. The rest of the votes were either intentionally blank or annulled by electoral authorities. With nearly half of all voters declining to endorse Mr. Petro, there is no mandate for radical change. … Read more

Ex-guerilla rebel Gustavo Petro wins runoff to be Colombia’s 1st leftist president

Former rebel Gustavo Petro narrowly won a runoff election over a political outsider millionaire Sunday, ushering in a new era of politics for Colombia by becoming the country’s first leftist president. Petro, a senator in his third attempt to win the presidency, got 50.48% of the votes, while real estate magnate Rodolfo Hernández had 47.26%, … Read more

Challenge for Biden to rally Americas around a shared vision

LOS ANGELES (AP) – President Joe Biden tried to present a unifying vision for the Western Hemisphere on Thursday even as the Summit of the Americas has been wrapped by divisions and absences that make it hard to bring North and South America together around shared goals on migration, the economy and climate. The disparities … Read more

Dom Phillips: British journalist and Brazilian indigenous affairs expert still missing in Amazon

São Paulo CNN – The families of a British journalist and a Brazilian indigenous affairs expert are calling on Brazilian authorities to intensify their search efforts for the pair, who went missing in a remote part of the Brazilian Amazon this weekend. Concerns are growing over the fate of Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo Pereira, … Read more

As drug cartels expand their reach across Latin America, Chile takes a hit

Santiago, Chile CNN – On May 1, Francisca Sandoval, a young Chilean reporter, traveled to a commercial district of the capital, Santiago, to cover a union rally commemorating International Workers’ Day. It would be her final report. During the demonstration, violent clashes broke out between local gangs, protesters, and the police. A group of armed … Read more

Colombia presidential race to runoff; leftist vs businessman

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – In a blow to Colombia’s political class, a leftist former rebel and a populist businessman took the top two spots among the six candidates in the country’s presidential election Sunday and headed to a runoff showdown in June. Leftist Sen. Gustavo Petro led the results with just over 40% of the … Read more

Biden administration scrambles to avoid embarrassing boycott from Latin American summit set for next month

CNN – The participation of Latin American countries in a high-profile regional summit is still in flux, just weeks from when it’s scheduled to take place in California amid record migration throughout the Western Hemisphere. The so-called Summit of the Americas is set to be hosted by the United States in early June, marking the … Read more

Chile’s Boric attempts relaunch as honeymoon ends abruptly

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) – President Gabriel Boric of Chile is attempting to relaunch an administration that has plunged in popularity less than two months since he made headlines around the world for becoming the country’s youngest president and a possible symbol for a resurgent left wing in South America. As opinion polls show Boric with … Read more

Pterosaurs were covered with colorful feathers, study says

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN – Pterosaurs ruled the skies during the age of the dinosaurs, but scientists have long debated if they actually had feathers. Now we know. Not only did these flying reptiles have feathers, but they … Read more

Rising food and fuel prices are destabilizing countries on the brink

London CNN Business – When people took to the streets in Egypt in 2011, protesters chanted slogans about freedom and social justice – but also bread. Prices of pantry staples have risen as prices of goods such as wheat have risen, angering President Hosni Mubarak. Now, more than a decade after the Arab Spring, World … Read more